• Invicta S-Type low chassis: book cover
  • Limited edition spread with quote by J.R. Buckley
  • Table of contents
  • Preface by Mike Riedner and Foreword by Miranda Kelly, granddaughter of Noel Macklin
  • Presentation of Noel Macklin
  • The Meadows engine - Tuning the invicta engine
  • The first road test of the invicta s-type low chassis
  • Detailed description of the invicta S20 Scappa
  • S119, 25 June 1932, Shelsely Walsh, 47.4, class win
  • Close ups of invicta motor parts and gas pedal
  • Close ups of invicta motor parts and gas pedal
  • Invicta S-Type Low Chassis cockpit and decals
  • Historic photographs of the invicta low chassis in the Alps
  • Interview with Bob Wood, President of the Invicta Car Club
  • Interview with Bob Wood - Image of Bob Wood driving an Invicta Low Chassis
  • Grace Fields' letter about her Invicta
  • Grace Fields' letter about her Invicta S133 Gulliver
  • Detailed description of Invicta S153 George
  • Construction drawing of the low chassis and overview of the Appendix
  • Brief description and photographs of several Invicta S-Type Low Chassis
  • Facts and Figures - Picture of Invicta S39 at Brooklands Double Twelve

Book Contents

Foreword by Miranda Kelly
Noel Macklin
The Le Mans disaster
Lance Macklin’s final races
The Invicta History
Violette Cordery
The Dewar Trophy
1931 – A Year of Changes
The Meadows Engine
Tuning the Invicta Engine
Chassis and the Rest

Rallye Monte Carlo 1931
Sammy Davis and the accident on Easter Monday 1931

The First Road Test
The “Bond” Factor
The Cars
S20 “Scapa“
S28 “Snapper”
S35 & S119
S44 “Stoat”
S62 “Speedy”
S68 “Agricola”
S75 “Scout”
S80 “Seaurchin”
S90 “Simplon”
S114 “Felicity”
S120 “Searaider”
S133 “Gulliver”
S153 “George”

Presentation of all
Invicta S-type low chassis
Car numbers, Nicknames, Registrations, engine numbers coachbuilders
Competition results
The Club
Fact & Figures
Pictures of a Restoration
The Press
What’s in a Name...

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